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Absolution: Episode Six – "Roeber"

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Absolution: Episode Six – “Roeber” from Absolution TV on Vimeo.

This is episode 6 of the IPTV show Absolution. The survivors are finally making their way to the warehouse, and we learn more about the mysterious newcomer, Roeber.
Speical thanks goes out to Elena Ottaviano for doing the vocals in the first lyrical song, The Soldier.
  • Zachary Grafman

    Wow. Just wow. That was probably the best episode yet. I felt every emotion with the characters and the ending was DEFINITELY the saddest moment in the series. I liked Roeber! Dang it! Awesome job guys. Very, very nice.

  • Andrew O.

    That was awesome, I loved the songs.

  • Zachary Grafman

    Woah, hey Andrew! yeah, the songs were excellent. We NEED a soundtrack, no doubt about it! Please! It's really great to hear original music with that much talent displayed in a project like this. The only way to truly enjoy it, though, is when I can savor it on its own with track names and maybe even liner notes. Boy, wouldn't that be cool?

  • Micah McFarland


    For those who don't know, Elena Ottaviano sings the first vocal song, called the Soldier, and we're terribly sorry we missed you…

  • CharlieJB

    Was I seriously Rick Roll'd at the second flashback?! DARNIT!
    Man that was awesome. Thanks everybody for the compliments on the music.

  • Gabby

    OM FLIPP DIDDLEY SMACK DABBIN GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm STILL SHAKING!!! omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg EPIIISSSOOOODDDEEEEEEEE 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great no FANTASTIC no SUPERB no BALLIN' job on it guys, seriously, my life is now complete.

  • Zachary Grafman

    And Gabby passes out over the keyboard after hyperventilating into a brown paper bag. Lol. No, seriously, you guys had a LOT of us waiting on the edge of our seats for a LONG time, and you met, then surpassed our expectations. Schweet!

  • Laura G

    Awesome guys, the music was AMAZING, the unresponsive infected were really creepy, but wow, this is the saddest episode yet. Zack is right, I think we all liked Roeber, he was a cool character. But Micah, are you really not going to have a character for the rest of the show?

    Anyway, way to go on really gettiing the episode out! CONGRADULATIONS!


  • Mr. Mason

    Those warehouses are creepy but I'm blown away by amazingness.

  • Peter_CoCreator

    Hm. I liked it. Though, there were some jittery camera moments in the beginning and in Roeber's first flashback (that one's my fault). I wish we could have eliminated the background noises, but oh well. not a huge deal.

    My major problems are these:

    1: No episode title within the episode.

    2: Did all the color correction disappear?

    Besides that, I'd like to thank everyone involved for helping to create this, you all did a wonderful job.

  • Nathan McFarland

    Yeah, I was trying to find a place to put the title screen, but I couldn't find one.

    What do you mean? It might have turned out lighter cause that monitor is a piece of junk.

  • Nathan McFarland

    We'll see what happens with Roeber. :)

  • Nathan McFarland

    I'm really glad, I was worried that people wouldn't think it was worth the wait.

  • Nathan McFarland

    HAH! Not yet~ episode 7 hasn't come out yet!

  • Nathan McFarland

    Yes. That was a 8bit remix of Never Gonna Give You Up. Roeber had a sense of humor. :D

  • Nathan McFarland

    A soundtrack is coming. We are gonna try and get it on iTunes and AmazonMP3 and places like that, and then also have a physical CD.

  • Peter_CoCreator

    Well it definitely got brighter, but you made the warehouse look really green and stuff and none of that is there. At least, that I can see. It just looks like our plain footage.

  • Diego Rivera

    Oh lawdy, Rickroll'd twice in one video.
    Pretty awesome work.
    I have to say that the music in this episode was the most powerful so far.

  • Nathan McFarland

    You can thank Charliem Micah, Gabby, and Elena for that. They are all so amazingly talented.

    Also, the Rickroll was all me!

  • Singer_girl

    definitely the best episode by far. plus you flawlessly blended the scenes filmed in the summer with those filmed in the fall. awesome job.

  • Peter_CoCreator

    Thank you!

  • Nathan

    Well, it helps that they were flashbacks…but thanks!

  • Louis

    Im gonna have to say, that was beast, better than like all the other episodes combined. i dunno if its cuz of the change of atmosphere, or just that somone finally died- but either way it was good . One thing though, Micah, you died! in everything you write you die haha you seriously need to get some help dude, youve got what is called: likestokillthemselvesineverythingtheywrite syndrom

  • AnnaM

    wow, that was great! the ending really surprised me, and made me sad, I liked that character! I also really liked the music in this one, especially the songs with lyrics (great job Elena!!).

  • Britt McNeill

    Man, guys. A few months of waiting sure paid off. GREAT JOB ON THIS ONE. You guys definitely but a TON of work into this one. Hopefully we won't be waiting as long for the next one though.

  • Micah McFarland

    Haha, I think you're onto something. It's just this problem I've been dealing with, man…

  • Peter_CoCreator

    I feel the same way.

  • James Wooten

    Another grand episode. A very unexpected twist with Roeber dying. Best wishes on upcoming filming.

  • Phillip Fusaro

    hey Micah thanks for the tips about this episode e few months back u spilled the beans to me but it was still the GREATEST episode

  • Zack G.

    Hey guys, just thought I'd throw up a bit of a request…I know you guys must be super busy and everything getting Episode 7 ready to go, but I just thought I'd throw this out so you guys could be aware of it. Is there any way that the HD vids for all the episodes can be made available for download? I found episodes 4 and 5, but for the others the downloads are nonexistent, don't work, or are only available in standard def. I'm sure you guys know this already, but if not, just thought I'd call it to your attention. I'd love to have these on my iPod in full HD glory! Thanks!

  • Peter_CoCreator

    You bring up an excellent point. I'm thinking that once Episode 7 is released and ready to go, we'll be able to focus on fixing up the site and making sure everything is in proper shape. Thanks though for letting me know.

  • Daniel

    Wow….this is great! I really like the music, especially the songs. (great job Elena and Gabby). When will you guys post episode 7?

  • Hirotamoy

    Oh my gosh, my friend told me about this forever ago and im just now watching it! Oh how i do love this so much! I love the song at the end!

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