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The Time is Approaching!

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Hey everybody! Production on Season Two of Absolution is about to begin! It’s true, on Monday (July 13) we’ll officially begin filming. So before that all started I wanted to give you all a look at what you can expect during the shoot:

Myself, Micah, and Nathan will be doing our best to do a daily blog post here on the site about what we did (with minor spoilers). We’ll do our best to include pictures as well.

Micah and I will be twittering as much as we can, normally through our cellphones. We’ll also include the occasion picture on there. Our profiles are @peter_freeman and @brilliantfilms. So be sure to follow us!

Cast photos. Naturally, we’ll be having new characters enter the show, and like we did for first season, we’ll be putting up promo pictures of them, as well as our returning characters with their “season two” look.

And finally, the thing I’m most excited about is that we will be doing a bi-weekly podcast for the show. You’ll be able to find this on iTunes as well as links to it on the website. We’ll talk about what’s gone on the days before/on the podcast. We’ll also take questions from anyone who posts them on the thread (the first of which will be posted tomorrow in preparation for the first podcast on Monday).

That’s it for now, but once filming is over you can expect more in the ways of clips, spoilers, and possibly even and event or two, so keep your eyes out and wish us luck!

  • Laura Gaul

    Cool! :-)

  • Laura Gaul

    Cool! :-)

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