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Absolution Season 2: The Movie

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You’ve all asked for it and it’s finally here! We finally finished it! Sorry for the crappy credits, we wanted to get it out to you guys as soon as possible. And guess what! You can actually hear it this time!

Absolution Season 2: The Movie from Wish House Productions on Vimeo.

  • Michael

    I think I've seen this before.. you sure your not going to get in trouble? you know how those copyright dudes are.. Nice, lol, made me laugh and than get really mad.. anyways. Happy 1st!

  • kisa_chan

    lol omg charlie when i see you your getting a giant bear hug and a bap to the head ~erin ^_^

  • nathangaul

    great scott! I just got totally rickrolled!

  • sornadul

    Nice, but when do you think we might see the actual Season 2?

  • stephen (the extra)

    Is the 2nd season actually ever going to come out, and can I help?

  • Peter Freeman

    We've just started making progress on it. Now that summer's come around, you should see something soon. I hope.

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