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I Admit It, We Tried

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Hey everyone… how ever many of you that may be. Do people still come here? Anyways. I just wanted to let you know that after a long, hard talk, the group has decided to cancel making the movie. This probably isn’t surprising considering we haven’t done anything with all our footage since 2009. We have busy lives now and editing this stuff together takes A LOT of work. So, because of that, I’ve decided to cut together a little “sizzle reel” as they call in the film biz. Check it out, and please don’t hate us.


  • Tulip1618

    While I hate not getting any more of the story I did love the parts that you finished. I hope that just because you are not investing more time in this story doesn’t mean that there won’t be others. Hats off to all you achieved!

  • Sornadul

    April Fools?

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