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Absolution: Episode 2: Gresham

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Absolution: Episode Two – “Gresham” from Absolution TV on Vimeo.

Youtube: Part 1Part 2

This is episode two of the internet-based TV Show, Absolution. This episode introduces a new character to the group: Roeber. Is he a friend to the survivors? Or does he have his own selfish motives…?

Absolution: Episode 1: Green

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Episode 1 – Green from Absolution TV on Vimeo.

Youtube Version: Part 1Part 2

The first episode of the new IPTV show Absolution, this episode introduces all the characters; James Green, Doug Gresham, Ellie Sheppard, and Jordan Krause, the world they live in, and the dangers they face.

NOTE: With the rush, we mistakenly left off the names of the actors in the episode; these people gave so much for this project, and we humbly apologize for the lack of credit in the episode, so here they are:

James Green is played by Teddy McCormick
Doug Gresham is played by Charlie Bare
Jordan Krause is played by Josh Bouquet
Ellie Sheppard is played by Lauren Bahr